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I excel at spelling words correctly and putting them in the right order. Examples below.

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Repeated annihilation with Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt knows he may get utterly destroyed at any time. This, he says, is a good thing. You, too, should welcome it. (Spring 2016)

How four college kids deceived American sportswriting for decades

“He and some friends perpetrated this hoax on everybody and had subsequently gotten away with it. Nobody had caught them.” (Spring 2014)


Fruit flies, meet Star Trek — thanks to Mohamed Noor

countless other professionals credit Star Trek with inspiring their career path, and Noor is working on making more of them. (Spring 2021)

The rise and lies of a notorious rock non-band

When confronted with a near-crippling lack of musical talent, most people take up a more realistic hobby and leave their dreams of rock stardom behind. The other three guys decided to start Skum. (Winter 2013)

Science Writing

Searching the galaxy for life

…if humans ever need to escape our changing, complex planet, it’s still the most Earth-like destina- tion we’ve found so far. It’s just a shame it might take two million years to get there. (Fall 2015)

Simulating a warming planet

Forecasting climate is a much trickier undertaking, with greater potential impacts on energy production, resource consumption, and human settlement patterns. (Summer 2021)

Machine learning for laser targets

“We joked that it would actually be faster to rent a van and drive across the desert with a bucket of USB drives,” he adds. (Fall 2018)

Are you there, Higgs boson?

One of the biggest mysteries about the nature of the universe has been solved.

Probably. They’re not 100 percent sure yet. So they’re still looking. (Fall 2012)

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